Fall Colors Trip

The Fall Colors trip for 2022 will be Friday September 23 to Sunday September 25. We have reserved the usual leanto 12 and campsites 26 and 27.

If you have never come before, we hike on Saturday and Sunday. You provide your own breakfasts and lunches. Stoves are available for cooking breakfast. Saturday’s dinner is a “catered” gourmet meal of hot cider, hot soup, Waldorf salad, steak Teriyaki, wheat pilaf, mashed squash, and dessert. Bring your own beverage for the meal, your own eating utensils, plate, cup, and bowl for the soup.

Some people who like to hike but do not camp have indicated an interest in coming but staying in a nearby motel. You can stay off site but need to make your own arrangements. To enjoy Saturday night's dinner, you will still need to bring plate, cup, and eating utensils.

Over the years we have seen nighttime temperatures from 19 to 40, daytime temperatures 30 to 75, cooler at the tops of mountains. About 1/3 of the time we get some precipitation. We have gotten as much as 3 inches of snow a few times. Be sure to pack carefully!

  • Hiking gear

    • PolyPro or other synthetics are better than cotton which has no warmth went wet

    • windbreak and wool sweater - mountain tops are cold this time of year

    • day pack for lunch and sweater

    • hiking boots - freshly waterproofed - the Adks are wet

    • canteen

    • rain gear

    • hat and mittens/gloves

    • warm clothes for evening

    • for kids: snow pants and winter boots

  • Camping gear

    • sleeping bag - night temp range 20-40 deg F

    • insulated pad for under sleeping bag

    • tent unless you signed up for leanto space or sharing tent space

    • flashlight

    • large plastic garbage bags for wet or muddy gear

  • Cooking gear

    • your own cup, bowl, plate, "silverware"

  • Food

    • your own breakfast and lunch.

    • dinner supplied (at cost) except for beverage of your choice

    • vegetarians easily accommodated

  • We have:

    • enough cooking pots and stoves for breakfast needs of most people

    • camp lanterns

Driving directions to the Adirondack Loj campground are available from Google Maps. Following is a map of the campground, showing locations of leantos and camp sites.