Select an upcoming Tuesday Night Hike from the list below to see details, including a link to Google Maps for driving directions to the trailhead. Hikes leave at 6 PM sharp from the trailhead.

Who we are

The IBM Tuesday Night Hiking Club goes hiking every Tuesday night from shortly after daylight savings starts until late September. The hikes are open to IBM employees, retirees, their family and friends (by invitation). Spouses and children are encouraged to participate.  

The hikes are generally from 2 to 5 miles and range from easy to strenuous. The hikes leave from the trailhead at 6 PM sharp. Most of the hikes are in Harriman, Fahnestock or Hudson Highlands State Parks. Some hikes near the start and end of the season are in local Westchester county and town parks. The hikes are timed to finish before dark, and  many of the group eat pizza at a nearby restaurant (usually Little Sorrento) afterward. 

Hike ratings

Most of the hikes are rated as to difficulty based on the following rough guidelines.

WARNING: Much of our hiking area has problems with deer ticks and the possibility of contracting Lyme Disease. There are reasonable precautions that you can take to lessen the risk: wear long pants tucked into your socks, use insect repellent containing DEET, take a shower soon after hiking and examine your body for ticks. The problems are no worse than spending an equivalent amount of time in your own back yard where you should take the same precautions.

Weather policy

The hike leader always shows up at the appointed time and place -- regardless of weather conditions.

At that time the decision is made, depending on how many people want to brave the weather and how bad it is. For example, if there is lightning and the planned route goes to a high point, the hike may be cancelled or the group may go somewhere else.

More information

Tuesday Night Hikes on Facebook

Share discussion about and photos of the hikes via the Tuesday Night Hikes group on Facebook.

Mailing list

This mailing list will announce changes to the posted hiking schedule. It may also be used by anybody to post messages for the whole list. Annoucements may be about trips you are planning and welcome company, hiking/camping gear for sale, etc.

To send mail to everyone on the list, send mail to:

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Annual Fall Colors Trip

The Fall Colors trip for 2023 will be Friday September 22 to Sunday September 24. We have reserved the usual leanto 12 and campsites 26 and 27.

The Fall Colors trip is an annual camping and hiking trip to the Adirondacks. We stay at the Adirondack Loj camp ground, near Lake Placid. We will drive up to the Adirondacks on Friday, stay in tents, lean-to, or nearby hotel overnight on Friday and Saturday nights, and return on Sunday. There is room for 6 people in the lean-to and 6 people at each campsite. The Adirondack Loj and numerous motels in the Lake Placid area offer alternative lodging options if you don't want to camp.

We hike all day Saturday and part of Sunday in the High Peaks region of the Adirondack State Park. Saturday night, we have a delicious group dinner, organized by Jane Daniels, at minimal cost.

For more information, including a packing list, driving directions, and campground map, see the Fall Colors Trip page.

Presentation about the Tuesday Night Hikes

Jane Daniels has described the Tuesday Night Hikes several times at IBM Hawthorne and Yorktown.

Tuesday Night Hikes.2012ppt.ppt

Other information

Trail building/maintenance trips - most weekends starting in Mid April - Contact Walt Daniels, 914-245-1250.

Hiking information in the area: New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. They know about other hiking clubs, publish maps and guidebooks, and build and maintain trails.

Occasionally all day hikes or other events are planned. They are inserted into the schedule.