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Date Time Gather@ Leader Hike Difficulty Description
Tues, Mar 31 5:30 PM YKT Daniels Underground Croton Aquaduct Easy RSVP - limited number accomodated, 245-1250
Tues, Apr 7 6 PM YKT Clarke Teatown - Hidden Hollow Easy  
Tues, Apr 14 6 PM YKT/HAW Allen Prickly Pear Hill Easy  
Tues, Apr 21 6 PM YKT/HAW Tip/Zadeck Bald Hill (Ykt) Easy Yet another Bald Hill, this one in Yorktown.
Tues, Apr 28 6 PM YKT/HAW Tip Rockefeller State Park Easy Leaders choice.
Tues, May 5 6 PM YKT Clarke Cliffdale Farm Moderate  
Tues, May 12 6PM Peekskill Tip Bear Mt - Perkins Drive Moderate take the Appalachian Trail to the top rather than driving.
Tues, May 19 6PM Peekskill Magerlein East Mt Moderate  
Tues, May 26 6PM Peekskill Chong Black Rock Forest Moderate  
Tues, Jun 2 6PM Peekskill Morgan Lake Skenonto Moderate  
Sat, Jun 6 All day Camp Smith Daniels National Trails Day   Seminar series, http://www.nynjtc.org/ntd/ntd98.html
Sun, Jun 7 All day Camp Smith Daniels National Trails Day   Seminar series, http://www.nynjtc.org/ntd/ntd98.html
Tues, Jun 9 6PM Peekskill Chong Black Rock Mt Moderate - 2.5 miles Yet another Black Rock.
Tues, Jun 16 6PM Peekskill Chong Cats Elbow Moderate - 3 miles the southern end of West Mt. with views to the interior of
Harriman Park.
Tues, Jun 23 6PM Peekskill Morgan The Timp Strenuous 360 degree views of Hudson River and Harriman Park.
Tues, Jun 30 6PM Peekskill Cesar Diamond Mt Moderate - 4.2 miles Hike to a former fire tower site in Harriman.
Sat, Jul 4 6PM Herb's Chong Bull Hill Strenuous Evening hike to the top to view fireworks both local and
remote.. Bring supper, beverages, flashlight, warm clothes. Return about 10PM. Call for
Tues, Jul 7 6PM Peekskill Cesar Howell Trail Strenuous - 3 miles Crows Nest, just south of Storm King, Spectacular hike -
rivals Breakneck (across the way)..
Sat, Jul 11 9:30AM Herb's Chong Elenville Icecaves Strenuous - 4-8 miles Pick blueberries. Call for details.
Tues, Jul 14 6PM Peekskill Magerlein Boston Mine Moderate - 4 miles has had many blueberries in the past, but we make no
guarantees. You may get your feet wet.
Tues, Jul 21 6PM Peekskill Cesar/Zadeck Charcoal Burners Loop Easy/Strenuous two hikes in one, easy out and back to the blueberries, hard
big loop.
Tues, Jul 28 6PM Peekskill Daniels/Zadeck Breakneck Ridge Strenuous - 3 miles 1200 feet elevation gain - excellent views all the way up,
return via bypass trail.
Tues, Aug 4 6PM Peekskill Magerlein Lake Nawahunta Moderate - 4.4 miles a walk in the woods along the Menomine Trail and Long Path to
a leanto.
Tues, Aug 11 6PM Peekskill Cesar Bull Hill/Undercliff Strenuous A big bull of a mountain just north of Cold Spring with
excellent views.
Tues, Aug 18 6PM Peekskill Cesar/Zadeck Candlewood Hill Moderate Views and a variety of habitat in a little used area in
Fahnestock Park.
Tues, Aug 25 6PM Peekskill Cesar/Zadeck Butter Hill Moderate Short but steep to great views at the highest point on Storm
Tues, Sep 1 6PM Peekskill Cesar Camp Smith Trail Moderate Great views over the Hudson River
Tues, Sep 8 6PM Peekskill Daniels Anthonys Nose Moderate - 2 miles one of the best views up and down the Hudson River.
Tues, Sep 15 5:30 PM YKT Clarke Overlook Trail Easy A new trail in Teatown in the Hidden Valley
Tues, Sep 22 5:30 PM YKT Clarke Bike Path Easy Along the North County Trailway and over the bridge over the
Croton Reservoir
Sat. Oct. 3 7:30 PM Turkey Mt. YKT Clarke Turkey Mt. Easy A moonlight hike. Bring a flashlight and
hope you don't need it. Snacks and goodies are appropriate.
Fri. Oct.9-11 Weekend Wherever Daniels Fall Colors Trip Easy-Difficult Adirondack High Peeks Region (near Lake